Access the world's most popular stocks and currencies, using our cutting edge platforms, for all your modern investment interests and financial goals.

The Best Way to Explore Trading

Our Portfolio Tracker offers unlimited portfolio tracking and unlimited assets in each portfolio so you can keep a tab on all your accounts. .

Own Your Trading Experience

The goal of our service is to provide a place for users to familiarize themselves with stock, FX and Crypto markets in the hopes that they can go on to become successful traders.

Your account can be funded with simulated demo money, allowing you to gain trading experience with zero risks.


Start trading using our simulator to gain valuable experience and confidence.


Buy and sell your favorite stocks and prove you can outperform other traders.


Grow your confidence and your $1M virtual portfolio completely risk-free.


Cutting Edge technical Analysis Tools and Indicators.

Master Your Trading Skills.

Trade on world stock exchanges with ease

Track Performance

Key performance indicators such as investment amount, profit / loss, volatility as well as charts reflecting historical performance of the portfolio are at your fingertips.

Instant Updates

Feel the buzz of an ever-changing market with automated price alerts, company earnings notifications, and economic calendar events.

Share Progress

Users can share their portfolios with others by creating unique shareable links. Shared portfolios update in real-time and any changes to its structure will be reflected immediately.

Unlimited Options

Each user can create any number of stock portfolios and add as many transactions as they like.

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